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New Addington, Kent   Sold Out

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SJ Capital Group first premier investment site is now SOLD OUT. The New Addington site is located in one of the most beautiful areas of countryside in the South East of England. Bromley is London's largest borough, with more than thirty five square miles of countryside, picturesque parks and woodlands to explore.

Latest Planning Update

Despite Covid19 measures in the UK through 2020 resulting in little work being done on either Bromley or Croydon's development plans, an opportunity has been provided for us to make representations for our site to both authorities but in particular Bromley.

Whilst Bromley's Local Plan was adopted in January 2019, the recently adopted London Local Plan 2021 (which dictates the direction all local council plans must take that fall under the Greater London Authority) has more than doubled the housing requirement that the district needs to provide.

This means that a full or partial review of the plan will be required to see where this additional housing can be provided. As a result, the LPA is in the evidence gathering stage and we are making the necessary representations. Alongside this, we continue to explore alternative uses for the site in conjunction with the adjacent Biggins Hill Aerodrome development.

In response to the newly London Plan, a review of the Local Plan in currently timetabled for end 2021 / early 2022.