Yateley/Eversley July 2017

As announced in the update published in April 2017, our site remains an identified site within Hart District Council's Draft Local Plan. Current allocation is in the region of 88 homes although scope remains for this to be increased.

The council are currently reviewing all responses to the Plan and we are working with them to assist where further representations are required. These includes adapting the Masterplan to mitigate any flood concerns and demonstrating our delivery as well as site capacity. However, whilst we continue to engage and seek feedback form Hart DC, we need to wait for them to complete their assessment work and move towards Regulation 19 publication which is scheduled for winter 2017.

Given the current allocation of our site and the urgency with which Hart need to deliver housing within their Plan, we are also consulting with them about a simultaneous Outline Planning Application which, if we receive positive feedback, will commence in autumn this year.

Moving forward we will be working towards:

The council currently intend to have their Local Plan completed and ready for submission to the Planning Inspector by no later than early 2018.